We are usually booked out 2 months for a new install. We may be able to get smaller projects done sooner depending on our schedule.
The average landscape in Bismarck is between $15,000-$20,000. That would include irrigation, soil/grading, seed, rock/edging around the house and some plantings. Patios, walls, large lots, spaded trees are just a few items that will bring that price up. We do $5000 landscape enhancement work to $200,000+ custom landscapes.
It really depends on the immediate and end result you are looking for. Sod is instant, and is usable much quicker. Seed is much less expensive (usually at least half the cost), but you will deal with weeds and it usually takes an entire growing season for it to look like sod.
Depending on lot size, we typically charge between $.72-$.79/PSF
Yes, but we have a minimum charge for most out-of-town jobs due to mobilization and material access.
Pavers typically have a much higher life expectancy due to the fact they are not just one slab and have a higher rated PSI.
Typically the minimum cost for pavers is around $25/PSF. Square patios are usually much less expensive than a lot of curves.
  • We bury all of our valves in boxes
  • We install rain sensors on all systems
  • We make sure there is always head to head coverage and matched precipitation rates