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Concrete floating steps with rock columns in backyard

Backyard Landscape

This homeowner had a very specific image in their mind of what they were looking for. Modern, gabion walls, and stepping stones. We teamed up with Myhre Concrete and created floating cement stairs and cement stepping stones through the property. Project Stats Project Length: 400 Man Hours Added Space: Entire Lot Notable Features:  floating steps, gabion walls, and columns, concrete stepping stones Location:  Valley Drive Area The owners wanted a mix of modern with natural elements. This is why we added the accent boulders. The concrete stepping stones were an interesting task. Mhyre came on-site, and poured one large slab…
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photo of sitting area

Backyard Patio

The homeowners wanted to create an environment that they would utilize and experience. We used natural flagstones for the patio area and walkway. For dimension, we added raised planter beds made out of Borgert Strassen wall blocks. Project Stats Project Length: 600 Man Hours Added Space: Entire Lot 5,275 SF Notable Features:  Native area, garden, flagstone patio, outdoor lighting, and raised planters Location: Bismarck  The owner wanted a space to spend time with his family outside. This project was difficult because it was an existing yard that we did not want to damage the yard. There was also a fence…
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Alternate view of patio project after photo


This project was long, challenging, and very exciting. The homeowner wanted to keep as much of the natural stones that were onsite as possible, mixing old home elements with a new modern design. Project Stats Project Length: 415 Man Hours Added Space: 2,600 Sqf Notable Features:  Belgard step units, Arizona natural flagstone for the patio, 24” square wood deck tiles, and concrete. Location: Highland Acres The space previously had 3 large spruce trees that were cut down, leaving a wide-open area to play with. Since the back had a total slope of 12 feet, this allowed for multiple seating areas…
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Backyard Golf Course and Bar Project photo

Patio & Putting Green

This project was a fun one to design. The owner gave us the freedom to think outside the box. He just wanted a modern style and a putting green to play on. We teamed up with Concrete Creations to make these custom planters and the firepit. Project Stats Project Length: 1,400 Man Hours Added Space: 4,695 SF Notable Features:  Putting green, Bar, Concrete Planters, custom pavers Location: Whispering Bay We had a 4,695 SF paver patio, landscape lighting, a putting green, and a bar with a sink and fridge. We also worked with subcontractors to get a gas fire pit,…
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Layered rock water feature with lights photo

Water Feature

Project Stats Project Length: 560 Man Hours Notable Features:  7′ Tall Water Feature Location: Steele, ND One of the main issues the client was facing was a very noisy outdoor space due to living near the interstate. The client was not enjoying the sounds of cars driving by and the noise that they create. So we decided a 7’ tall waterfall should do the trick. We did one large waterfall drop to give the majority of the white noise. Additionally, we added a multi-drop area on the side for added beauty. We also installed a pergola for them. After the…
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Side view of retaining wall and patio project

Waterfront Property Patio

This is a waterfront property. The homeowner wanted a simple and modern design concept. Finding the perfect paver was difficult; we went with Techo-industria. Project Stats Project Length: 1,075 Man Hours Added Space: Entire Lot Notable Features:  modern paver design and patter, landscape lighting, and sand cove Location: Misty Waters The Techno Industra paver gave us one solid color that came in different sizes to allow play with textures. There were rows of smaller pavers added in to make the design stand out and add directional flow. On the top wall, we did not want anything to block the view,…
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