This is a waterfront property. The homeowner wanted a simple and modern design concept. Finding the perfect paver was difficult; we went with Techo-industria.

Project Stats

  • Project Length: 1,075 Man Hours
  • Added Space: Entire Lot
  • Notable Features:  modern paver design and patter, landscape lighting, and sand cove
  • Location: Misty Waters

The Techno Industra paver gave us one solid color that came in different sizes to allow play with textures. There were rows of smaller pavers added in to make the design stand out and add directional flow. On the top wall, we did not want anything to block the view, so when sitting inside the house it looks like the water is touching the edge of the wall.

There are three tiers of Belgard diamond wall block, giving the home beautiful layers from the water. Choosing a charcoal color block gave dramatic contrast to the cap color. Sticking with neutral colors allowed for plant materials to stand out, giving a little added color without adding too much and still sticking with a simple theme.

Upon construction, the most difficult part was keeping all of the lines perfect to maintain the modern design aesthetic the client wanted. It took a lot of extra time to make sure everything lined up correctly. Any flaw in the linear pattern would stand out and be noticed.

This project gave the homeowners a large level of added space to the backyard to enjoy their beautiful property. Before the walls were constructed they only had a steep slope, with no usability.

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